Skb Kontur

About SKB Kontur

SKB Kontur has been developing software for business and accounting since 1988. SKB Kontur is one of the first software developers in Russia. The company's IT solutions enable easy cooperation between managers, accountants and government, contractors. Company's products also help to simplify, streamline internal business workflow and cope with daily tasks more quickly. SKB Kontur has 1,87 million clients all over Russia: from small family businesses to industrial holdings.

Today SKB Kontur is a group of companies. Besides JSC «Production Company «SKB Kontur» it includes a number of subsidiary organizations engaged in non-specialized or highly specialized tasks: education, construction of it's own new offices, cash register maintenance, etc. In total, the SKB Kontur team includes more than 8,000 employees.

The head office of SKB Kontur is located in Yekaterinburg city. Another 66 offices are open in the largest cities of Russia. It is possible to access the company's SaaS software from anywhere in the world: independently or through partners. SKB Kontur has more than 9000 partners all over the world. Company's partners are already present in: Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Moldova, USA, Austria, England, Ireland, Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Serbia, Czech Republic, China, France.

SKB Kontur is the leader among SaaS suppliers in Russia in terms of revenue since 2011 (according to CNews Analytics), and the 7th among the largest Russian software development companies in 2017 (according to CNews Analytics). Revenue for 2017 equals 10.9 billion rubles. Revenue growth in 2017 is 26 % compared to 2016.

Strategic directions of the company:

  • E-document interchange in B2G segment (Kontur.Extern) and in B2B segment (Kontur.Diadoc, Kontur.EDI).
  • Business automation (Kontur.Elba, Kontur.Accounting), including quick online check of the companies' reliability (Kontur.Focus, Kontur.Prisma), issuance of electronic signatures, and participation in Russian tenders (Kontur.Procurement, Kontur.Spektr).
  • SKB Kontur is also one of the largest commercial Certification Authorities (CA) in Russia. Over 15 years of work more than 7 million e-signatures were issued by the company. SKB Kontur Certification Authority is included in the network of trusted certification centers of the Federal Tax Service, Pension Fund, Social Insurance Fund and Federal State Statistics Service. SKB Kontur owns a diploma issued by the Ministry of Digital Development Communication and Mass Media «For the high quality services of an accredited Certification Authority».
  • In 2017 SKB Kontur entered the market of trade automation, gained the status of a fiscal data operator, released a service for small retail automation Kontur.Market.
  • SKB Kontur services are also in demand on the international market: Kontur.Focus helps to check and select reliable companies, Kontur.Hotel — makes it possible to register guests and run hotel business.
SKB Kontur has it's own software development department which allows the company to respond to the changes, feedback from the customers and quickly introduce new features. In particular, the company is engaged in applied research in the field of Data Science. It helps engineers to do accurate searches, automate processes, synchronize data from various sources to give the client a complete information of the company or transaction.

SaaS services run smoothly thanks to a reliable server infrastructure. The company uses about 1500 physical and 2000 virtual servers in three large reliable data centers in Russia. All engineering systems are reserved.

To maintain the current pace of development, SKB Kontur invests in business and education. The company supports IT startups for B2B market.

Since 2008 there is a project «Educational programs» for students, teachers and young IT-specialists. There are grants and scholarships, paid student internships in the company, school of software development. SKB Kontur specialists work together with students and teachers of mathematics and computer sciences of the Ural Federal University to improve «Fundamental Computer Science and Information Technologies» program. Every second programmer comes to SKB Kontur through training from «Educational programs».